“Thank you particularly for creating such a warm environment for us to work in.  I felt challenged but never to the point of feeling uncomfortable.  It’s so rare to be able to be so frank.  Hearing myself say things out loud really did crystallise some of my thoughts. I feel so much better equipped to evaluate my next steps.” (Director, law firm)

“The programme helped me reinvigorate my leadership journey and take positive actions to ensure I am the best “ ( MD construction firm)

“The coaching gave me the time and resources to evaluate where I am, where I want to go and what I need to do about it. It also made me think about who I will need to support me.” ( Senior Manager leading retail bank)

“The programme has really helped me think about my career in a more conscious and strategic way.” ( Senior Manager leading professional services firm)

“The programme is practical and has been hugely relevant for my current role and the one I want to have.” ( Senior Associate, law firm)

“I came away with a massive sense of relief that: (a) I wasn’t alone and that many others had the same aspirations and challenges and (b) that there are things I can do that will make a large amount of difference to my career without a huge amount of effort.” ( Senior Manager global charity)