Sally Potter

Sally stretches and releases the talent of hard working professionals. Supporting and challenging them, she mobilises them in locating renewed confidence, insight and skill so they expand their influence and increase their impact. Sally achieves this by combining corporate political awareness, psychological experience and therapeutic perspectives. The result is client interventions targeting timely and achievable change.

Her style is sensitive, her approach requiring. She brings 20 years’ expertise leading team work for executives and working one-to-one in executive coaching.

Sally works with diverse clients, from independent entrepreneurs to multi-national directors. Their businesses range from financial services to non-government humanitarian agencies. Some are at pivotal turning points, taking on new roles, questioning what they want from their professional and personal lives, others are stepping into leadership. Her work takes account systemically of their respective business context and corporate culture. Sally’s orientation is multi-cultural, working in situ in the Middle East, Europe, North America and coaching at-a-distance in the Far East and Gulf region. A sample of clients includes Ernst & Young coaching women leaders; Primark Buying Division coaching Directors; Bernhard Schulte Ship Management coaching a regional MD; Mines Advisory Group, coaching the Country Director in a current war zone; PwC coaching for partnership; plus business coaching with legal, telecoms and retail leaders.

A Visiting Fellow at Cranfield University’s School of Management for 13 years, she teaches on open leadership courses and coaches on bespoke women’s development programmes for large multinationals. Sally’s postgraduate credentials in management and therapy underpin her professional qualifications: Accredited Member of British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP), Member of BACP Coaching Division, Licensed Associate with Executive Development Assessment Centre (EDAC), Senior Associate with Centaur Leadership, and Trained Facilitator in University of Pennsylvania Resilience Programme.  Fitness and wellbeing credentials support her holistic approach with clients.

Sally knows firsthand that clients seek intentionality in life and work. Her own significant life transitions have helped her grow personally and mature professionally. This has led to vocational re-direction, overseas residence, relationship change – all part of her lived experience. Classroom teaching led to senior management and then to being headhunted for national educational consultancy. Her experience in navigating career transitions and relationship therapy enriches her global mentoring and executive coaching: conscious of her own dynamic background, she has an attuned appreciation of clients’ concerns and priorities. This enables her coaching relationships to remain grounded, proceeding authentically and empathically while retaining accountability for results.