Lucy Close

Lucy is a business leader with over 20 years of international experience. She is the CEO of her own successful communications business which she set up 25 years ago and has a wide range of expertise in the development of leaders, managers and their teams. Her work encompasses both individual coaching and team dynamics, aligning behaviours and attitudes to business goals. She has worked with many different organisations from multinationals, small charities and large Institutions.

As an expert in client management Lucy maintains successful and rewarding long term relationships with people. One of her key skills is the ability is to guide people through challenging situations with sensitivity and tact. She has designed and delivered a Transformational Leadership programme for a large international financial institutional taking over 400 people through the programme.

Lucy has lived and worked in London and New York as part of her international career. She is an experienced facilitator and has worked with delegates from around the world, including China, India and Malaysia. She has a reputation for dealing with challenging boards and helping them to move forward whilst keeping key relationships intact.
Lucy frequently works in Brussels delivering a personal development programme for a major lobbying organisation taking the international team through a variety of performance enhancing coaching and team sessions, from negotiation skills to presence and impact training.

She enjoys designing and facilitating learning events and her recent work has included an intensive 5 day influencing programme for an international fmcg company and a teambuilding workshop for the senior women in the leadership team of an international accounting organisation.

She is currently coaching a number of Equity Partners in international law firms and understands the complexity of the professional environment. She is also known for her coaching work with partners in the professional domain helping them to tackle and overcome performance related issues. Lucy has also coached a number of associates to attain partnership status.
Lucy is a certified and qualified in MBTI, Firo B, Transition Management, 16pf and Executive Coaching. She is qualified in the Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor and in Centaur Mind-Body psychology.

Having worked with clients from around the world, she is comfortable operating with cultural diversity as she is in dealing with multi-disciplined and cross functional teams. Lucy is full of energy and insight which she combines with a thoughtful and intelligent approach to helping teams and individuals reach their goals.